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Somehow the city was worst than the last time he had walked it's streets, more like a war ground than a city. He kept his hood carefully shifted, heeding Renee's warning's before of how dangerous showing his face in this city would be. He could almost imagine the sharpness of her glare on his back if she knew he was here, walking in broad daylight down a street he had no right to step upon. Renee- he didn't want to think of that now. This was something that needed to be done.

The looks he got at the library entrance were cautious, though catching their gazes with his one visible eye always made the heads turn away. He half expected a set up, for Edward to stab him in the back with nothing more than a split grin, but even despite Joker's wrath part of him trusted- no, knew Edward. He was torn. When the world is a game why not place life at a coin flip?

He headed to the fiction section, through the 'D' section with a passive sort of glance. He stopped at Dickens, pulling 'The Tale of Two Cities' from it's place and glanced it over. His lips very nearly quirked at the- ha- double meaning.

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"So you figured it out," Edward stepped into the aisle, out from the shadows from which he had been lurking. Waiting. It was curious to see a Harvey Dent strolling so calmly in a library, of all places. His counterpart--the Dent natural born to this world--was a wanted man. A criminal. A murderer. The kind of destructive force that earns one the privilege of getting shot by the GCPD.

Naturally this Dent must have taken lengths to remain safe. Edward expected as much, anyway.

"I'd apologize about reverting to old habits for you, but I figured if the message was intercepted, no one would bother with a riddle." Eddie smirked, ever confident in his wits. He looked Harvey up and down. "You're looking well."

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Harvey didn't turn his head, recognizing the voice without effort. Nearly the same as in the asylum, only without the edge those events had brought them both. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness-

"I doubt you'd be truly apologetic." Harvey commented, turning his head to look the other over as well. "I'm surprised you're alive." He said, pausing a moment before continuing. "I shouldn't be, should I?" Edward, ever the survivor.

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"You really shouldn't be," admonished Eddie in a sightly patronizing tone. He took a few steps closer to the other man, eyeing Harvey with a unveiled suspicion. "But then, really, the most I'm underestimated, the more I'll get away with. Hasn't anyone learned that yet?"

The Riddler tilted his head, gracefully hiding his smirk. Yes, he had a right to feel cocky. Certain threats against his life, promises of agony, never came true. Which simply made liars out of his enemies. And as a detective, Edward Nygma was not keen on liars.

"So. Harvey. How may I help you?"


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