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Somehow it was more dangerous to walk the streets of Gotham than it had been before. His hood was still up, head bowed, each passing glance fueling his high strung paranoia a little more. Before no one knew, even if they saw his face there was a sort of inability to see anything but the scars, and even more inability to put together the face of the man so much of Gotham knew. No one had put it together yet, even those he had hunted who had lived, staring straight up at him.

Part of him was livid in the confusion because that is what was comfortable. When he raised his hand to his face he felt skin, when he closed his eyes there was no phantom spasm of muscle and skin that was no longer there. There was no pain and somehow that was worse. All he had was his thoughts.

Harvey moved in a disjointed way, a hopeless effort in case someone tried to follow (Bruce's friend the Bat of course, considering he was just at the billionaire's house). When he reached the house he made no attempt at silence, throwing the door open as he entered. It took him a moment longer to pull his hood away. His scars he never felt uncomfortable with, but this- he didn't know what it meant, if anything had changed.
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