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They were close to the address Langly had sent and Harvey had double checked. He was right, though the matter of getting her out and dealing with Tommy's insistence on butting in was another matter entirely.

The burnt man sighed in an frustrated sort of growl- Tommy was a stubborn idiot. It wasn't his world or his place to get caught up further that he already was. From the beginning Harvey attempted to keep the man away. He rolled the charred coin in his fingers, pausing to regard it only a moment before flipping it through the air.

Tails. He slammed his fist into the table, ignoring the few of his men- his men, how the world progressed- hastily moving into the next room and out of sight. Harvey stood, pocketing the coin and moving to the nearby window to await their arrival. If Tommy got himself killed along with his two friends so be it. They needed Langly to get in and the other made his own choice. Chance took any other alternative out of Harvey's hands.

[OOC: HI GUYS Sorry this took so long :| anyway I figure posting order can be pretty free form. Also I figure we can post about this within the next two days? So Maggie isn't left hanging. I figure it would go something like this:

-they meet, they go to the address
-Langly takes care of security, alarms and such
-Harvey, Tommy and Ichigo break in. Harvey will be killing some people, I figure Tommy and Ichigo won't be thrilled about that but just want to let you know :>
- they find Maggie and get out of there?

Let me know in an ooc comment if that's all ok and anything you guys might want to happen. Harvey won't be getting hurt but maybe someone else will, idk. Thanks for the patience :< ]
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