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The Batman, he thought, walking down the street without his hood. The streets were deserted besides the the occasional figure darting out here and there, the sound of sirens and the smell of smoke in the backdrop. He twirled his coin between his fingers, strolling as he would have years before, on his way to work, to school, to Rachel's. It was nostalgia with a sharp, bitter edge, all curled up in the varying degrees of destruction around him. Gotham was on fire again. This time he couldn't remember he needed to care.

The Batman was hiding and Harvey was pissed. It was hilarious and maddening and all those overwhelming things that only Batman could invoke these days. It was beautiful really, exactly what he always wanted. It reminded him of a purging fire, destroying everything to be built anew. The Joker would selfdestruct and the Batman already had and wasn't it just the perfect punch line to this whole drawn out joke?

Harvey stopped at the right building, took the elevator up past the Joker's goons who only eyed him nervously at this point but didn't say anything else. When he reached the top he walked to the large windows, towards the figure standing silhouetted against them.

"Have you scared him out yet?" He asked, stopping at his side.
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