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[warning, there are spoilers for The Dark Knight rampantly beyond this point]

At a certain point in the rp [which may have already passed if you are reading this later] Harvey will be 'turning' so to speak into 'Two Face.' If you have seen TDK or know the Batman canon you will understand what this means. If you have not the changes are:

>>most noteably the entire left side of his face will be horribly burned. His left eye will have no lid, half his mouth is gone showing only teeth, muscle and the bone of his jaw. Yes it is gross. Yes it's not something most people would actually live through. Consider him a trooper (besides the whole going insane thing).
These scars will extend down his neck and over his left shoulder with minimal scarring one his left arm and the left side of his chest.

>>he's now insane. Not laughing your head off in a straight jacket insane, more let's see if you get to live or die insane. Every important decision is based off a coin flip.

>>if your character was friends and/or friendly with him before he should be fine with them, as long as they are not 'bad' so to speak. If your character kills people, ect, expect a coin flip over their fate should they meet face to face. The beauty of this is it can always be heads lol, so no worries about being killed.

Of course don't expect him to be the same as he was before.


In TDK Harvey's strongly presumed to die after a fall. For the sake of being able to rp him I'm obviously considering him alive after that point. Here's a brainstormed guideline of what exactly happened after his fall (more for the TDK rpers, and let me know if you'd rather something be changed, this is all rough draft).

--Falls off the roof but lives. Bruce and Gordon take him to a mental hospital in the outskirts of the city for injuries under the name 'John Doe.' His bills are paid for anonymously by Wayne Corps.

--Recovers from the fall (broken bones, that sort of jazz) after a set amount of time (that I will probably skim over because waiting weeks would be lame...). Spends a certain amount of time there being 'treated.'

--Gets a coin back (not his, Bruce has that) during the treatment (he's a good patient mostly) and flips to see if he should escape. After that lands in escape's favor he does just that, killing a doctor in the process. It's the first innocent man he's killed.

--Sets out for Gotham! The rest will be rped out obviously. (and possibly added here)

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