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Looks like I really will need a new place to stay. I wonder how the gracious landlords of the Narrows feel about renting to a dead man.

When I was in school they had a speaker, some veteran cop. He said a great deal about law, order, all the typical lecture topics. Experiences, working in a city some thought was on it's last leg. Said that it wasn't about being good and bad, it wasn't even about making people think you were right - it was about making sure they could never say you were wrong. Said something about justice never being blind, she saw everyone surely enough.

Stout guy, Mediterranean kind of look. I remember working with him those early years, having drinks with the guy, getting him fired on suspicion of money laundering. It felt like a loss at the time. I would have preferred to have him behind bars.

I still don't know what he was trying to say that day. I always meant to ask him what happens if justice isn't blind.


Mar. 12th, 2009 01:03 am
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Alright so. As some of you know my laptop is broken. Since I'm going home tomorrow evening to a house with one very, very crappy computer I'm not sure when I'll have computer access again. Well... I know by the 22nd at latest when I get back to school but for that week I may not be around much/at all.

This affects House, Marquis, Jackson and Harvey.

BUT this is also for you folks I owe tags to and I fail horribly ldergler anyway if I owe you a tag, or an rl, or something come on over here and let me know.

ignore this, it's for my poor memory )
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[Private|Hackable to the skilled] )

These parallel worlds leave a bad taste. Parallel personalities- one bad joke after another.

It's the names. 'Riddler,' 'Joker,' 'Scarecrow.' 'Two Face.' Like it's a game.

[shortly] Bruce, a word.
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[locked to Bruce | unhackable]

Bruce, there's something you need to know. There may be a way to save her.

[locked to Riddler | unhackable]

Nygma, I need information on another figure of your world. Care to play another game of exchanging tales?

[locked to Crane | unhackable]

I have a request for you.

[ooc note; lol sorry, this is a little mashed together but I figured I could get all these messages out in one go. Think of it more like seperate posts though if you will.

Also these are actually hackable to anyone with decent computer skill, like nearly anything Harvey locks (he's no computer whiz) just let me know ahead of time~]


Feb. 10th, 2009 09:17 pm
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[Said almost idly, like an important but passing thought.] Nothing has changed. After all this time it's still the same as when I came back.

What was that saying... They say that time changes the world, when you actually have to change it yourself.

[another long moment before muttering to himself.] He's up to something.

[Locked to Tim Drake | Unhackable]

Tim was it? I have a few questions.


Jan. 28th, 2009 11:22 pm
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[dryly, almost jokingly. almost] Seems like I can never get any luck with living situations now can I? This one is decidedly better, though my last... 'roommates' didn't up and change genders.

You'd think this place would be quiet. It must be, when the company's all gone. [thoughtfully] She said once you must get lonely up here Bruce.

[the faint sound of a television in the background before something said, some comment on the crime rate and the new DA, makes Harvey nearly growl and shut the machine off. A thud follows as he tosses the remote to the side without a thought]

[a long pause then idly, more to himself than anything else] I never waited for answers before. [with a very thin, dry amusement in his tone, like a private joke.] No rush now is there?


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