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[Private|Hackable to the skilled] )

These parallel worlds leave a bad taste. Parallel personalities- one bad joke after another.

It's the names. 'Riddler,' 'Joker,' 'Scarecrow.' 'Two Face.' Like it's a game.

[shortly] Bruce, a word.
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[locked to Bruce | unhackable]

Bruce, there's something you need to know. There may be a way to save her.

[locked to Riddler | unhackable]

Nygma, I need information on another figure of your world. Care to play another game of exchanging tales?

[locked to Crane | unhackable]

I have a request for you.

[ooc note; lol sorry, this is a little mashed together but I figured I could get all these messages out in one go. Think of it more like seperate posts though if you will.

Also these are actually hackable to anyone with decent computer skill, like nearly anything Harvey locks (he's no computer whiz) just let me know ahead of time~]


Jan. 7th, 2009 01:08 am
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screened to Bruce;hackable to those with computer know-how )

You know this network hasn't been half bad. I'm not sure what I expected but- [a thoughtful moment] Well, madness since that's the first thing everyone mentioned. Got a decent amount of that but otherwise I'd say it's been bearable.

I suppose a general 'how are you all' wouldn't be too vague? No compromising pictures of friends to post I'm afraid, call me vanilla.

[a pause like he wants to say something more but stops, turning the audio off with a click]

[ooc; (kind of important) This will be 'normal Harvey's' last post just so you're all aware. If anyone needs/wants something from him now's the time to say so~

More info on that change is here if you're curious. The two Gotham's timelines will be merging (mod has said yes to this? I can't remember if I asked... -shot-) as well. I'm sorry for the slow on the tags lately, I fail.)]


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