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The man had stopped moving, a faint tremor here or there, the kind that still held some hope but not in escape, not with his ankle twisted which way and Harvey's gun on him. His back against a wall he stared, eyes not on the gun but on Harvey's face, edging on recognition. Smart guy. Cocking the gun brought his attention snapping back quickly enough.

And it begins again. "Don't look so afraid." His tone was sharp. "I'm going to give you the chance plenty never get." He pulled out his coin and held it up. "In a trial you'd either go free or be considered a threat and eliminated before you hit the stands. You know don't you Mr. Rossetti?"

Harvey raised his brow. "Then we'll be fair." He turned the coin over in his hand. "Heads or tails?"
[ooc: Warning for violence, gore and whatnot. That sort of thing.]

Date: 2009-05-05 02:59 am (UTC)
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And here he was again - bored out of his mind and up for a little excursion. Following Harvey had never been hard, and this time he hadn't even been really trying! It was practically an invitation - one he wouldn't turn down.

He decided not to bring up the fact that he was here - no, that would make Harvey angry, and he kind of wanted to see how this worked without him around. So, he stuck to the shadows, slinking along the edge of the wall behind Harvey's back. At one point, he imagined the mobster's eyes on him and so he lifted his finger to his mouth. Shhh.


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