Jul. 6th, 2009


Jul. 6th, 2009 02:40 am
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[thanks to chuck and his ridiculous new phone, you get a distant but clear picture of the obliterated building. Workers, trucks, lots of flashing lights. Someone off to the side says something too vague to hear and Harvey grunts, the sound of footsteps following. The camera swings a little, as though the phone's holder isn't particular absorbed in the scene. From his tone it sounds like it's more his own thoughts he's absorbed with.] I think things have gotten linear.

There was a time I would have enjoyed that. No, no that's not true. As much as I said I would have liked a quiet life it was a lie. People want to hear that, that their people on the high are just as grounded as they are. White picket fences and two point five kids- she acted like she wanted that too, but we both knew differently.

Linear you know, that's how it started. People turning their heads and moving straight forward, just straight ahead.

[the camera straightens after that little speech, directed to the gravel as Harvey address the phone traditionally, now with purpose and more in the moment.] Jack, Maggie, Tommy- still out there? In one piece I should say.


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